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Unregistered microchip is 100% worthless!

Carefully enter the number of the microchip and click once on the "Search" button to find the owner of the animal.


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In order to join Balkan Identifcation Database a local Animal Warden or Veterinary Surgeon will implant the microchip, it takes only a few minutes. The microchip with is a sterile, non irritating glass capsule of the size of a rice grain. It corresponds to the valid ISO norm 11784/11785. A reader device can activate the microchip and read its number code. Each number code is valid worldwide, unique, and cannot be falsified or re-programmed.The microchip is completely harmless and cannot move under the skin. It cannot be destroyed from the outside nor does it break in case of shock. service and it has been recognised by all animal concerned organisations the importance of encouraging and promoting responsible pet ownership through microchipping as the preferred method of permanent identification.

IMPORTANT: The microchiping identification of animals is based on three main elements.

  1. Implanted microchip
  2. Scanner
  3. Database

The lack of any of these makes the system inapplicable!