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Unregistered microchip is 100% worthless!

Carefully enter the number of the microchip and click once on the "Search" button to find the owner of the animal.


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Dear users and pet owners Balkan Identification Database was created in september 2007 and our main job is to reunite lost pets with their owners and our services are available from anywhere at any time. The availability of the databace and your registration in it is the easiest opertunity to contact you in various ways in case of stray or abandoned animal. All animals are eligible for registration with regardless of the microchip brand which has been implanted. You should ensure that, prior to asking your veterinary surgeon to microchip your animal, the registration of the microchip and your details will be registered with is in contact with especially Dr Marc Buchet and Dr Michel Schoffeniels - a group of national and local associations based across Europe and we are working on our future membership in the organisation. That means if your pet is found in Europe, authorised agencies can help bring you and your pet back together. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week reunification service