BalkanPet Identifcation Database
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Unregistered microchip is 100% worthless!

Carefully enter the number of the microchip and click once on the "Search" button to find the owner of the animal.


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FAQ What is necessary to registrate an animal in the data base?
- It is necessary for animal to have an implanted microchip.

Are any documents necessary for a registration?
- No, absolutely none.

How long the registration lasts?
- Practically - forever. Only you can annul your registration.

How much does it cost?
- It is free.

Can I change the data?
- Yes, all data can be changed except the number of the microchip.

What do I need to do if I forget my password?
- Press the relevant button and follow the instructions. You will receive a new password at your primary e-mail

How many animals can I register from one computer?
- The number of registrations is unlimited.

I register an animal under wrong number, what should I do?
- Register the animal with new registration and correct number and inform the administrator by e-mail for the wrong number.

The number of microchip that I want to input is already taken?
- Inform the administrator by e-mail immediately (This can happen very rare).

I do not want my phone and address to be in the database?
- Find your relevant (confidential man) who is willing to give his information on behalf of you .

I am not sure for the date of birth and the breed of my animal?
- Leave this fields empty.

Can I publish a picture in the database?
- Yes, the picture must be smaller than 5 Mbytes and with jpg, jpeg or gif extension

What language can I use for the form?
- The choice of language is yours if only the language is accessible in general.

What can I write in the field “Notes”?
- This field is free for any supported information such as: health condition, coordinates of the vet, allergies, food preferences and others.